About Us _________

We produce our coconut products according to guide line by international standard using coconut as a base,together operated with well-experience instructors and qualified technicians. We produce and destribute the value-added commodity, foods, beauty products, Farming natural fertilizer and another more products as well. You can use trustfully our products from Co Co Light House Co.,Ltd.
          You can use trustfully our products from Co Co Light House Co.,Ltd and our avaliable coconut product are as follows :

(1) Health Supplies Products
         (I) Coconut Virgin Oil
         (II) Massage Lotion

(2) Commodities
         (I) Facial Soup
         (II) Anti-Mosquito oil

(3) Beauty Products
         (I) Day Cream
         (II) Night Cream
         (III) Hair Coat
         (IV) Skin Lotion

(4) Handycraft Products ( Made with coconut )

(5) Farming Products
         (I) Coconut Nursery ( Local / Foregin )
         (II) Organic Fertilizer ( Cocopeat )


1. According to the licence number 1144(2011-12): issued on the date of 05-07-2011, licensed by the Invesment & Company Administration Department ; the Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development : The Co Co Light House Co. Ltd has been taking operations in some fields such as trades , constructions, general services and beneficial commitments for our Nation.

2. Being an effective company, coconuts from the Navy Administrative Force (Co Co Island ) have been annually transformed into fruitful profits since 2011.

3. During the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Co Co Light House Co.Ltd had coordinated with ITALIAN-THAI company for implementing the " Da-Wei Deep Sea Project -Earth Work " which was a sector of Developments of the TaNinTharYi Region.

4. On honoring the S.E.A.GAME which was celebrated on the 27th December,2013 ; as a Co-Sponsor Company joining with the Nationman (Thailand )Co. Ltd; we could be able to support 3 million US dollars valuable things such as Sport- materials and Sport-suits to Nation.

5. Furthermore, coordinating with the Nationman (Thailand) Co, Ltd, our company could take contributions of providing the Sport-suits and other necessary stuff for celebrating the Pa-ra Games in Myanmar , 2014.

6. Besides, we could joyfully participate in the donations of school-bags to some primary shools ; such as: one in An-Kae Village , ThanPhyuZaYet Township, Mon State ; other one in KaNyin Chaung Lay Village , MawLaMyaing Kyun T/S, AyeyarWaddy Region ; another school in ThaYetChaung Village, HleGu T/S ,Yangon and, other school in PammaWady Navy Head -quarter , HiGyi Island.

7. During the Academic year 2014-15, our company could also donate school bags to disable students and the public students especially at the handover ceremony of new school buildings held by the Department of Basic Education (No.3), Yangon Region Government.

8. For construction side, to implement the regional development of the bordering small town Htee-Khee , our Co Co LihgtHouse has been processing the City plan Projects , transporting a highway bus from Htee-Khee to Dawei and, aslo working the Express Higway Terminal building projects since 2013. These all works are being on jobs with the permission of TaNinTharYi Region Government.

9. Furthermore, with agreement of UMFCCI and MFVP, we are carrying out the group partnership as a co-enterprise of " Myanmar Coconut Producer and Trade Group (MCPT)". Distributing the new growing techniques , selling the best hybrid coconut seedlings and purchasing coconuts , we could work these implementations in PaLatWa, Chin State on 2nd April, 2016.
As well as practising in the Ayeyarwaddy Region and Rakhine State .

10. Nowadays, we are arranging to build a small factory to produce the coconut products such as coconut oil, soaps, shampool, mosquitoes rebellent and healthy oil for their well beings who are living in the CoCo Island , the Navy Administrative Force. Especially, we are focusing on manufacturing the Extra Virgin Coconut oil for people 's healthy life.

Main Theme:

*To be an energetic participant enterprise of the Economic and Social Development sectors with momentum in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

* To perform the beneficial devlopments of Nation due to the time and circumstance requirements while associating with local and foreign partnership companies as an efficiently capable co-entreprise.

•    က်န္းမာသက္ရွည္ ႏူပ်ိဳဖို႔ သဘာ၀ပစၥည္းသံုးၾကစို႔


Trading and manufacturing of coconut and its product
such as selling and purchasing.
The best hybrid coconut seedlings from local division.


The producting the coconut products such as coconut oil
of value–added and handy craft products from coconut shells. Our focous on manufacturing the virgin coconut oil for peoples’s healthy life.